Top Trainers

We put the world’s best trainers at the heart of the learning experience. We can say that not just because we only hire the Top 1% of trainers who apply to work with us, but also because our learning platform is based on a 360º Management architecture that empowers rather than replaces trainers.

Engaged Learners

We believe trainers are the key to creating transformative learning experiences that engage learners, drive tangible progress, and deliver measurable business impact. That’s why we use a flipped classroom approach to combine dynamic live sessions with personalized learning content, which blends formal micro-learning courseware with up-to-the-minute news, videos and trending topics from across the web. All this is underpinned by our innovative, engagement-focused Empowerment Method.

A traditional class like you’ve never seen before

Our Flipped Classroom methodology combines structured online preparation and reinforcement with the practical methodology of a classroom teacher, who personalizes each Learning Path according to the professional needs of their students. This complete process ensures the active involvement of students in the learning cycle.



European passport holder or with relevant visa

University degree

CELTA or similar TEFL qualification

Relevant experience and reasonable Spanish (minimum A2 level) are definite advantages

Reliable, responsible, professional with excellent Communication Skills

Student focused, enthusiastic, dynamic and flexible

Team player whilst being independent and capable of using initiative

Basic Computer Skills – Word, excel, google drive



The vacancy is to deliver language classes within companies. Big or small, National or International, clients come in all sizes but they all require the same basics – Dynamic trainers that love what they do.

Classes are generally based around the working timetable of the employees, so it could be 8.00-9.00, 14.00-15.00 or 18.00-19.00 and are delivered at the client’s location.

Dress code – You need to  create a favourable impression on first encounter, so trainers should be neat in dress and hairstyle, but we do not expect suit and tie. Dress code is casual but tidy.

We have no preference for Native or Non-native speakers but your target language  level has to be of C2 level

Salary & Benefits

  • Induction at the start of the contract and full training given on the Learnlight platform
  • In-house training via workshops and on site observations to ensure trainer development
  • Competitive hourly rate
  • A coordination and support team that works with the trainers, as well as supporting them creating a comfortable working environment