Candidates should have:

  • Native English speaker ability
  • a university degree
  • a recognized TEFL qualification
  • at least one year of previous experience in a similar context, preferably in Spain.
  • experience in teaching children and adolescents is essential.

We are looking for someone who truly enjoys teaching these age groups. Higher qualifications and experience with Trinity and Cambridge exams is a plus.

All applicants must be EU citizens or hold a valid Spanish work permit.


We are looking for a teacher who:

• has well-prepared, organized classes. We encourage teachers to prepare classes at the school so that they can take advantage of the materials we have, consult with other teachers, prepare photocopies, etc.

• friendly and professional attitude. You are SG image!

• creative and hard-working.

Most importantly, teachers should show interest in development by contributing ideas, suggestions, and attending (or giving) seminars. We are looking to form a creative environment where real learning is developed.

Salary & Benefits

We offer a competitive salary, in accordance with national pay agreements, and full national insurance cover.

A full-time contract consists of 26 teaching hours a week plus class preparation time, marking and Friday weekly meeting which is generally devoted to training but can also involve admin. On finalizing their contracts teachers can expect an extra payment in accordance with the months worked (the law says the percentage and final payment amount).

There are two weeks’ paid holiday at Christmas and a week at Easter, 4 days at local April Fair, as well as national and local holidays.

Teachers also have weekly 15 minute individual meetings to discuss specific problems in classes.

Student reports must be carefully completed every term. Each teacher has a log in to our MOODLE platform which you are expected to keep updated .Your space in the moodle platform must be updated.


The management team will award a special termly prize to the teacher who deserves it due to their punctuality, dedication to preparing interesting classes, satisfaction and motivation of their students, correctly submitted admin and excellent exam results.


Additional classes or private classes will be offered to teachers when available as extra payments.

Teachers are provided with a full legal contract and general health coverage according to Spanish law. Contracts will be made “fijo discontinuo” after two years at Saint Gabriel.


Teacher Training, Supporting the team!

Before the course starts for students, we have a compulsory pre-course induction program in order to show you how we work. Besides internal and external teacher training seminars during the course, we also have class planning meetings, peer observation program as well as formal observations throughout the year. New teachers will be assigned a mentor to help them through the first months.