Centro de Idiomas Macarena has two part-time vacancies:-

  •  Immediate start – Experienced infants’ teacher
  •  January 2018 – Experienced YL teacher
  • Are you friendly and approachable?
  • Are you responsible, reliable, honest and willing to learn?
  • Are you motivated and excited about teaching? And willing to share that enthusiasm with your students?

If you are intetersted in applying, please send a cover letter and CV to recruitment@emacarena.com

and fill in the application form on our website:-https://emacarena.com/work-with-us/introduction-english-school-macarena/job-application-form



  • Education. Teachers should have a good level of education and be interested in improving themselves. Most teachers will have a degree, but more important than this is the interest in one´s continuing education and also the willingness/disposition to help others.
  • TEFL. Teachers are usually expected to have a four-week TEFL qualification such as an RSA TEFLA, CELTA or TRINITY TESOL certificate.
  • Experience. Experience of Young Learners. This  could be with a Primary background and a TEFL qualification, or TEFL teachers who have had experience of teaching children  in well run academies.
  • Residence. For legal reasons we usually only employ teachers from EU countries or those from outside the EU who already have official residence in Spain.
  • Language. Native speaker level of English essential, working knowledge of Spanish an advantage.


  • Personal Attributes. We consider that personal qualities are more important than any other consideration. We look for professional teachers who are enthusiastic about teaching and professional development; people who like teaching, take pride in doing a good job and like to see their pupils learn. They should be motivated, friendly, eager to learn, easy to work with, willing to share ideas, good humoured and prepared to make a positive contribution to the school.


  • ORGANISATION. Our students are organised in homogeneous groups according to age and level within 4 separate departments: – children, juniors, teens and adults. Each level has its own programme, material and objectives and the 4 department heads provide support and coordination.
  • THE SCHOOL. There are 26 classrooms in the main centre and we have a smaller branch in Nuveo Torneo with 9 rooms. Each air-conditioned classroom is fully equipped with an interactive whiteboard, projector, audio eqiupment and WiFi connection
  • CLASSES. Teachers may teach a mix of young learners, juniors, teens or adults. Teachers work in blocks usually between 16.00 and 22.00, Monday to Friday, although there is an increasing amount of morning work. Duties include lesson planning, class admin, report writing and parents’ meetings.
  • HOLIDAYS. Our holidays are usually 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and Tuesday-Friday during the April Fair in Seville. There are also a number of other public holidays during the year.

Salary & Benefits

We offer a competitive salary with a series of increments depending on experience, fully paid holidays and an end of contract payment. (“finiquito”)