Academia Willow is looking for a part time TEFL teacher for the Osuna area, in the province of Seville, southern Spain. We are a young, friendly team who want to give new teachers the opportunity to develop a career in teaching and gain knowledge in the preparation of students for the most popular official exams in Spain, Trinity ISE and Cambridge, as well as experience in the challenging, interesting skills of classroom management with students of virtually all ages.

We offer a contract for 8 months, from October until 15th June, with the possibility of extending it to the summer, as we also offer summer intensive courses that last from July to the end of August. Around 70% of our students are children and teenagers, so our winter classes are in the afternoon-evening, and some morning classes if needed. Fridays are usually shorter and there are no weekend classes, leaving plenty of time for the new teachers for their hobbies and exploring the area. With the aim of reducing the time spent in class preparation, we try to allocate similar groups to the same teacher, and have a selection of extra activities for every level and lesson which new teachers can use to reinforce the sections covered in every coursebook that we use.

The quality of life is generally high. The cost of living is more than reasonable, teachers easily finding accomodation for between 250-350€ per month, depending on the area and the type of it. As you may know, going out for meals is a common standard in Spanish culture, so there are plenty of opportunities to choose from, and being located in a rather rural area, we are offered a wide variety of organic, local products at a very affordable price. Apart from this, when the public transport does not adapt to the needs of the teachers, they can make use of the school car.

If these conditions are what you are looking for, contact us in the details below!


-TEFL qualification, like CELTA or other TEFL courses.

-Basic education at least, though preferably people with further education.

-Experience in preparing students for Cambridge or Trinity exams, especially B1 and B2 levels.

-Good character and interest when working with children.


– Contract from October 2017 to 15th June 2018.

– 10 contact hours per week, with the possibility of extending to 25.

-Afternoon or morning classes. Fridays are usually shorter.

– We have three schools so travelling between schools is essential. We have a school car for the use of the teachers who need it. Short journeys only (15-20 minutes).

– The position is mainly for Osuna and El Saucejo, so you could choose to live in any of these two places, being Osuna the biggest and better connected.

– 8 to 12 students per class, 8 for children, 12 for adults.

– Coursebooks are used for all the levels.

– One-hour meetings every two weeks.

Salary & Benefits

– The salary is set by the collective bargaining agreement, around 10€/hour after taxes, depending on the work hours, the experience and qualifications, with the health insurance covered.
– The school car is available at weekends for recreational uses, although the users will have to pay for the fuel.