TEFL job in Seville

Immediate start – week of October 16th, 2017!

We  have a full time 22 hour/ week teaching position available which involves teaching very young learners (4 and 5 year olds), young learners (7-8 year olds), teens at KET and PET level, and a PET level adult class. We are looking for a teacher with experience teaching these age groups/ levels.

For more information please send your CV and cover letter to teflpost@thenglishouse.com.

Thank you and good luck in your job search!


What kind of qualifications and experience should you have to work with us?

  • Native speaker or C2 certified level of English
  • A university degree
  • A recognized TEFL qualification that includes teaching practice
  • One year of previous experience in a similar context
  • B1 level of Spanish valued
  • Applicants must be EU citizens or hold a valid Spanish work permit

 What kind of personality traits are we looking for in a teacher?

Surprise us! We love dynamic, enthusiastic teachers who demonstrate a desire to learn, to grow, to make mistakes and to reflect on how to improve skills and inspire students. Words that come to mind: fun, caring, thoughtful, energetic, inquisitive, responsible, empathetic… Does that sound like you?


Teacher development

The English House is a learning school. The best way to show our students we care is to be willing to learn and grow. Our goal is to help you find your unique path as a teacher. Remember that we are not only teaching English – we have the beautiful opportunity to change lives. It’s easy to teach the easy ones, but what can you do to reach the challenging student? The one who apparently doesn’t care? We all win when that student flourishes. That’s something we can explore together through training, observations and sharing ideas and challenges.

Salary & Benefits

Legal stuff:  Teachers are given a legal contract according to Spanish law. Please note that the hours stated on your contract are the total hours per week and include planning and meeting time. A “finiquito” (end of contract supplement) is given at the end of contract to teachers on a temporary contract, according to Spanish law.

Breakdown of a 34 hour full time contract:

  • 22 class hours per week + 10 hours
    • individual and group planning time
    • continuous assessment
    • student coordination meetings
  • 1300€ gross per month (an average 1370€/ month including training meetings)
    • + 18€ per teacher training/ admin meeting –20-25 sessions/ year (mandatory attendance)
    • ACEIA – Conference fees paid by school + 15€ stipend for lunch (mandatory attendance)
  • Full Social Security contract and health coverage
  • Paid local and national holidays, including two weeks at Christmas, one week at Easter and school holidays during local Feria Please understand that holidays will usually not be granted at other times throughout the year.