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Albany School of English

Albany School of English is an innovative private language school with nine centres.  There are three Albany Schools in Cordoba (Andalucia, Southern Spain), one in Castro (a village outside Cordoba) and four Albany Language Centres based in mainstream schools (three in Cordoba and one in Madrid).

Albany School was founded in 1984 and currently employs around 30 full time teachers. As a member of ACEIA, The Association of Language Schools for Andalucia, and of FECEI, The National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain; we are committed to maintaining high standards throughout the organisation.

We offer general English courses from beginners to advanced level and also prepare students for the Cambridge English qualifications. Our students range from 3 years old to adult. Students come to classes in our Schools for two to three hours a week from mid-September to June and from October to June in our Language Centres. Intensive exam preparation courses are available to adults and teenagers, some of which are offered in July. Children’s summer courses for 3 to 15 year-olds take place during this month. In-company courses are available throughout the year.  

Teachers are allocated a well-appointed classroom that enables them to create a comfortable yet up-to-date learning experience using different media. There are a wealth of resources to complement course programs and guidance from Team-Leaders and Directors of Studies. Course programs and objectives are clearly defined but allow the experienced teacher freedom of expression to get the very best results.

Each teacher is allocated a well-appointed classroom that includes whiteboard, a computer with internet connection and a large TV screen helping to create a comfortable yet professional environment. Teachers have access to a wealth of resources that you would expect to find in a well-established modern school. Every Albany School is equipped with additional computers so that students can practice regularly with multi-media outside class-time and video cameras are available to use in lessons too. There are tea and coffee making facilities for teachers at each centre.

Albany School regards its teachers as a valuable asset and therefore invests time and resources to ensure that each teacher feels fully supported during their time with us. Recently Albany has launched a comprehensive Professional Development Programme (PDP).


Full-time contract:(34 hours) from mid-September until the end of June.

A full-time contract consists of 24 contact (teaching) hours per week. The remaining hours are dedicated to class preparation, students’ evaluation, attending weekly teacher development sessions, one-to-one meetings with DOS and carrying out administrative duties (eg: reports, registers, etc).
The contract includes SOCIAL SECURITY BENEFITS: full national health and social security cover.

Paid Holidays: According to the school year’s calendar. There are usually two weeks at Christmas, one at Easter, two days during the Fair in Cordoba and one week at the end of June. All national and local public holidays are honoured.

Salary: A monthly competitive salary (above national pay agreements) for a full time contracts is around 1,400 euros gross, based on qualifications, experience and number of contact hours. Relocation Allowance in September.

Assistance on arrival: We offer assistance on arrival, help with finding accommodation and legal paperwork. The school offers free Spanish classes for teachers. 

Albany Centres: Classes start on the 15th of September. Term finishes at the end of June. Classes are from Monday to Friday between 16:00 and 22:00. Teachers are expected to be in Córdoba around the 11th September in order to attend teachers’ meetings and induction sessions.

Albany in Schools: Classes start on the 1st October. Term finishes at the end of May or June. Classes are from Monday to Friday from 12:45. Teachers are expected to be in Córdoba around the 26th September in order to attend teachers’ meetings and induction sessions.


Key Qualifications and Experience
  • Native level speaker of English or equivalent (C2)
  • Education to degree level or equivalent
  • A recognised, relevant teaching qualification (e.g. CELTA; CELTYL; Cert. TESOL; PGCE (TESOL+QTS); BEd./PGCE)(+ QTS & 2 years’ TEFL/TESOL teaching) or equivalent qualification from another country
  • Two years relevant teaching experience
  • Ability to work with young learners and teenagers.
  • A competent computer user (specifically MS Office and Google Drive)
  • A track record of professional development and a continued interest to develop and grow as a teaching professional
  • Professional, friendly and approachable manner with the ability to adapt and be flexible.
  • Good organizational and planning skills.
Desirable compentences
  • A working knowledge of Spanish


We aim to give a reply to all applications, however, during busy periods applicants that do not meet the minimum requirements unfortunately may not receive acknowledgement.

Albany School of English will be conducting interviews for the 2017-2018 academic year at Spainwise TELF jobs fair in Cordoba (Spain) on Saturday 13th May 2017. You can visit us at stand 25.

How to apply: by email with a recent color PHOTO to


Having worked at both large and small private English schools around Europe for over 10 years, I feel I have seen quite a variety of management systems. When I joined Albany last year I was a little concerned about its size, and being “just another cog in the machine’s wheels”. I was wrong. Here you are part of a constructive process which is entirely based on feedback. In other words, your opinion counts and is democratically weighed along with that of your colleagues in order to define teaching methods, to share resources, knowledge and experience.

Learning is what I strive for, and I can firmly state that I have been given the chance to learn a lot here, as well as share my tips. The fact that the company has managed to stick to small centres means the familiar and friendly atmosphere of small schools isn’t warped by the amount of colleagues and students which would be around you if Albany was in one big building.

Here we have relaxing music in the corridors, so when I prepare classes I feel at home. Colleagues are extremely professional, rules are clear and the team is solid. The fact that at end of term parties we dance with our lovely cleaning lady just swept me off my feet.

We work very hard, but we work together and weeks simply fly by.

Last, but not least, if you like nature  Córdoba is the place to be. The mountains around the city and the river pumping green energy through its heart are a breath of relaxing peace whenever you need to recover from screeching teenagers. There is also a local birdwatching group which is highly welcoming to foreigners

NeillAlbany Teacher 2015-present

I have worked for various English schools and academies in the past but never have I worked in such a positive place as Albany. Sometimes owners of English Schools and Academies can be quite aloof and distance themselves from you as a teacher, from day one I was welcomed personally by the owners and have received and still do receive continual support, encouragement and general warmth, Albany has a real family feel to it. Professionally, working for Albany has improved my teaching through the various professional development workshops and the conferences they encourage (not insist) you to attend to further your professional development. My DOS has been hugely supportive, approachable and kind from the very beginning always there for help and support, I can’t praise her highly enough. When arriving in a new city the paper work and documentation needed before you start work can be quite daunting but Albany were so supportive during this initial time, accompanying me to banks and helping me to fill out various paperwork.
Albany has a number of schools yet you don’t just feel a connection to the one you work in and your colleagues there, through their ongoing attempts to bring all their employed staff together through meetings and sharing of ideas, social events etc. I have met some great friends in not only my school but the others too. I believe it is no coincidence that Albany do retain a lot of their staff, I have always felt valued as a teacher and feel lucky to work in such a warm, friendly and professional English academy.

RickAlbany Teacher 2015-present

Over the last 3 years I have been fortunate enough to work with Albany and form part of their team of teachers and I can honestly say that it has been a wholly positive experience. Albany is not only a school that is passionate about offering an excellent service to its students but it is also a school that understands that the welfare and development of its teachers is at the heart of everything it does. I remember that my first lesson was with a group of very excitable 4-year-olds and it was one of the most nerve-wracking experiences of my life but as soon as I left the classroom my colleagues and my DOS were there to offer advice and support; and the support didn’t stop there! Albany has helped me with everything from finding accommodation to processing legal paperwork, from lessons to improve my Spanish to days out to conferences organised by Cambridge. It’s a school with a calm and friendly atmosphere where teachers are encouraged to share ideas and grow. I’m sure that if it weren’t for Albany, my experience here in Spain wouldn’t be the same.

JamesAlbany teacher 2014/15-present

My year at Albany was actually my first year of working at an academy abroad and I couldn’t have asked for a better experience! My DOS has been incredibly supportive, approachable and kind from the very beginning and I was impressed by the amount of resources readily available around the school – this makes lesson planning much easier and less time-consuming. I have a lovely classroom space which is my own and contains pretty much everything I need – anything I don’t have, I’ve always been encouraged to ask for.  Friday meetings enable teachers to come together, during which I feel like my voice can be heard and my opinions matter. I think this is a really important factor in creating a pleasant working atmosphere. I find the working hours at my academy great and the workload manageable. Extra workload periods (e.g. termly reports) are discussed weeks before the deadline, enabling me to prepare well. Overall, the school has a lovely, family feel to it and certainly feels like a very teacher-centred, flexible yet professional place to work. My reasons for leaving have nothing to do with Albany or Cordoba – I just need to explore to a new city! Albany, I will miss you!

KristinaAlbany teacher 2013/2014

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