Are you a passionate EFL teacher who believes in empowering students with essential life skills that go beyond just learning English? We’re committed to creating well-rounded individuals who are ready to take on the world with confidence and success.

Looking for an incredible opportunity to balance work and play?  We’re not just offering a job, we’re offering a lifestyle. As a full-time teacher, you’ll only be teaching 20 hours per week, giving you ample time to pursue your passions and indulge in some much-needed “me” time. This is the ultimate way to live your best life while still making a living. 





Our ideal candidates are highly qualified, with a minimum of three years’ experience teaching PET, FCE, or CAE Cambridge levels. A university degree and excellent references are also a must.

We’re not just looking for any teacher, though – we want passionate, empathetic, and proactive individuals who take ownership of their own growth and results. You’ll be part of a supportive and collaborative team that is committed to helping you achieve your personal and professional goals.

So if you’re ready to take the next step in your career, join our vibrant and forward-thinking English Academy that prioritizes personal development and growth, and offers the most competitive salary, contact hours, and holiday pay in the industry. 


Salary & Benefits

As a full-time teacher, you’ll only be clocking in for 20 contact hours per week. That means you’ll have an abundance of free time to explore new places, indulge in your passions, and simply kick back and relax. It’s time to say goodbye to the exhausting, non-stop grind and hello to a more balanced, fulfilling lifestyle.

And with our competitive starting salary of €1425, full Christmas and Easter holiday pay, and accrued holiday pay throughout the duration of your contract, you’ll be well-compensated for your dedication and hard work.