Segovia is 1 hour from Madrid and is delightful.

Timetable is a mix of primary, secondary and adults with no more than six students per class.

Except for training / meetings, and the occasional Cambridge class, mornings are for free time or planning.

Ability to work alone and as a team is essential.

Words that’ll fit the successful candidate: patience, empathy, sense of humour, imagination and creativity, willingness, flexibility, rapport, improvement, analysis.

Obviously you must love working with children!

You should also love working with the English language, its phrasal verbs and diverse pronunciation!


Abracadabra English academy has a single opening this year for a teacher of all ages. 

We generally recruit specialist teachers at the academy, meaning we have the right skills and affinities in place for the very young learners and for the upper level Cambridge exams, for example. Not everyone is suited to teenagers.  However, this year an opportunity has arisen for a teacher of all ages.  It is an opportunity to work with all ages and enjoy the richness and diversity this offers.  Teachers who stay a second year are given timetables allowing them to specialise more according to their skill set.

We do have ways to teach and we do have schemes of work for each age group from infantil to the end of primary. However, this is only a guideline – including the topic and vocabulary or structures that need to be taught, plus the timescale. Each teacher will have their own style and methods and will hopefully discover that each student has too, so there needs to be flexibility and freedom.  With the teenagers and adults, a course book is followed and supplemented, again to each teacher’s style and strengths.


Actually you can. With all the Covid changes there have been a lot of new tricks learnt, from teachers, students and parents. Online classes, distance games that are fun, autonomous learning…the list goes on. There is an atmosphere of sharing ideas, planning sections of the course together and improving things from previous classes.

The academy itself started with 22 students, and grew to 700+ before covid. More pleasing than that, however, is seeing the young students pass through primary, into secondary school, and grow in confidence and ability, many of whom go on to do exams in the Cambridge suite. Our youngest students are 5 years old and our oldest is 74, with plenty inbetween.

Our dual objective is for all students to make improvements and to enjoy their classes at the same time. If the teacher is not having fun, it’s highly unlikely the students will be. There are opportunities for games and singing, competitions and cooking, word expansion and puppets. Imagination and relevance are the only restrictions.


We want all our teachers to reach their full potential and be the best they can be. To help with this, we have training sessions a couple of times of a month, and regular meetings for different age groups for sharing progress, ideas and activities. We also help prepare for the Cambridge TKT tests and attend relevant seminars, both in person and online. More useful than all of these, though is the day to day help and support that we offer each other, through the whassap group or by meeting up. With the right attitude, there’s no reason at all for anyone not to become a great teacher.


The CELTA, Trinity CertTESOL or other TEFL certificate, face to face much better than online.


Spanish TIE card or other permission to live in the EU more than 3 months.

Experience with children, preferably teaching.

A real interest and love of the English language.

An interest and willingness to learn or improve the Spanish language.

Salary & Benefits

Salary depends on experience but no less than 1,200 euros net.

Legal payslips with holidays and bank holidays included.



TKT entry and any conference attendance paid for.

Help with finding accommodation and sorting papers.

10 hours of planning time is paid along with the 23-24 hours teaching.