We offer classes from the age of 5/6, through primary, secondary (when a considerable percentage of our students take Cambridge exams) to adults, for whom there are both exam preparation groups and conversation groups. There are also in-house company classes, classes for “older” learners, and private classes.

The school has been running for nearly 40 years and the many wonderful teachers who have been on our staff have helped us forge an excellent reputation in the city. That leads to a very positive, friendly vibe: it’s also quite likely that teachers will have the children or even grandchildren of former students in their classes!

Native-level command of English essential, as well as class-room experience – two years’ would probably be the absolute minimum. We’ve welcomed a wide variety of nationalities onto our staff over the years and like that variety.


All our teachers have trained in mainstream teaching or in EFL/ESOL. We are happy to consider applicants from many different academic or professional backgrounds: they are all going to bring something positive to the classroom.


In principle we are looking for a full-time teacher – 22 contact hours per week (Monday to Thursday, am and pm) plus preparation, marking and the usual teacher-related tasks. Weekly brief staff meeting. At the start of the academic year, we have a week before classes actually start for preparation, and in-house training. We will also consider applications for part-time posts.

Spanish legislation requires job permits for those who do not have an automatic right to work here (EU citizens), so we can only consider applicants with the right paperwork.

Salary & Benefits

A generous pay package is offered for teachers coming to work for their first year with us, comfortably above the minimum stipulated by our “Convenio”, the professional agreement which regulates our sector. We follow the regionally published calendar for school holidays, meaning that there are good breaks at Christmas and Easter. A good quantity of experience in the sector will push your salary package up. Bonuses paid in December and June.

Besides the initial induction week, additional teaching-related training opportunities will be offered during the year (national and regional conferences, for instance). We are strong believers in the importance of professional development throughout your career, but think it is more fun and beneficial to do this in situ, rather than always in front of a screen.

The school is in charge of running Cambridge exams in the city and province, and work (normally on Fridays or Saturdays) may be available for the delivery of these exams, either as overtime or as part of your timetable. Specific training is provided. Many of our teachers have worked as Cambridge Speaking Examiners over the years too.

Some work available in July.

Contracts are “fijo-discontinuo”; we are particularly keen to recruit team members who are looking at this opportunity as a long term prospect.