In your teaching:

Are you enthusiastic, caring and ready to be part of a school?

Do you enjoy teaching teens and children? or want to give it a go?

In your life:

Are you ready to experience a lesser known Spain?

We offer:

Oppportunities to develop in a creative and supportive environment.

20- 22 class contact contracts


Minimum requirements: evidence of a good level of education, and a recognised EFL qualification such as the RSA Certificate (CELTA), Trinity CertTESOL, Young learner’s certificate or other relevant teaching qualification.

• We value personal qualities above all else. Teachers should be caring, friendly, flexible and good-humoured.
• A desire to develop professionally, a willingness to share ideas with colleagues, benefit from feedback and show learner sensitivity are fundamental.
• 1 year previous relevant experience essential.
• We normally only offer positions to EU citizens/ permit holders.
• Knowledge of Spanish culture and language; useful but not essential.

The school in turn is supportive, providing good conditions in an enjoyable working atmosphere.


Where possible teachers’ preferences/ specialised fields are taken into consideration.

• Classes generally come twice a week, for an hour or 75 mins usually in the afternoon, between 3:45pm and 9:00pm. Fridays, classes finish by 7pm.

• Each class has a textbook (with some exceptions): a springboard, giving direction whilst allowing teachers to be responsive to their pupils’ needs. There is some Cambridge examination preparation.

Teachers are encouraged to develop professionally. Besides regular in-house workshops teachers have weekly one to one additional support, opportunities for peer observation, & attend the annual TESOL conference. other external seminars where possible. encourage peer observation.

Teachers are provided with general coverage through the Spanish National Health scheme. The School also provides private coverage for work-related illness.

Salary & Benefits

Contracts run from 11th September 2019 – 25th June 2020, with paid induction.

SALARIES 2019-2020 20 hours teaching 1400 € gross/month (around 1300€ net), 1540 € gross/month for 22 hours teaching.

Depending on the teacher’s personal situation, teachers initially pay 2% tax for the first three months, which can then go up to 8%. The equivalent “National insurance” contributions are around 6%. As well as preparation & class contact time teachers attend a weekly meeting: an opportunity for training/idea- sharing. Admin is kept to a minimum.


Teachers receive holiday pay as stipulated in the Teachers’ Agreement (convenio), 14 days approximately, which is paid at the end of June. They are also given approximately two weeks paid holiday at Christmas, 1 week at Easter, and all official local, regional and national holidays.