As one of the best English learning summer camps in Spain, if not in Europe, we pride ourselves on ourselves the quality of our classes. The main role of summer camp teacher is to thoroughly plan and execute 4 hours of top quality English classes to their class of approximately 12 kids each day. TECS uses our resources and custom course books specific to each camp, age ground and level on our summer camps which have been developed by teachers over the years. Along with our excellent resources we provide an intensive training week for teachers and ongoing support and professional development from our mid-managers to ensure that teachers are able to succeed in creating the most fun, dynamic and learning centered classes possible for their group of campers.

However, teachers on TECS Summer Camps don’t just teach and plan; they are also involved in other parts of the day with the campers such as supervising meal times, showers, running arts & crafts or project sessions, and they will even cover for monitors putting to bed/waking up the kids (and sleeping in the same room as them) twice a week.

Camp teachers need to be full of imagination, passion and energy in order to meet the extraordinary demands of camp work.

The full job profile is available here.



  1. All camp staff must be E.U. citizens or have valid work permit (N.I.E. or T.I.E.)


  1. Experience of working with children in previous employment.
  2. Preferred summer camp experience, but not essential.
  3. At least one year’s TEFL teaching experience (although very strong candidates new to TEFL will be considered if they display the appropriate camp personality).
  4. Experience of working in a fast moving environment where stress levels can at times be very high.
  5. Online-qualified teachers will not be accepted if they do not have teaching practice.


  1. A full hundred hour TEFL qualification (e.g Trinity CertTESOL) or normal school teaching qualification (if candidate has experience working with foreign language children).
  2. C2 level of English.


  1. First class interpersonal skills with ability to control children in a motivational and fair way, which enables campers to integrate into the English environment smoothly and encourages them to speak English.
  2. Very high level of oral and written skills including persuasion, negotiation and advocacy.
  3. The ability to manage continually conflicting priorities in a high pressured environment.
  4. High energy levels and a young but responsible mature outlook on life and work.
  5. A positive attitude and ability to put yourself in other’s shoes in order to work effectively as a key part of a large diverse team.
  6. Adaptability and ability to think on the spot in what can be at times a highly unpredictable and spontaneous environment.

*** Spanish is NOT a requirement to work on TECS Summer Camps as staff are not allowed to speak Spanish in front of the kids***


  • Arrive on Tuesday 28th June 2022 from 15:00.
  • Staff Training Week: 29th June – 2nd July.
  • Camp Work Start Date: 3rd July (camper’s arrival)*.
  • Camps 1+2: 29th June – 30th July 2022.
  • Camps 1-3: 29th June – 13th August 2022.


  • Camps 1 + 2: €1100 NET
  • Camps 1 – 3: €1650 NET

Other Conditions + Notes:

  • Accommodation and food are included in the conditions.
  • TECS believes in professional development and for that reason extensive training is given to all our staff who will be as well trained as is possible for the taking on of all their responsibilities.

Want to Apply?

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