English Centre is located in the centre of Santander offering top quality language classes to a wide range of levels and ages. Since its opening in 2004 it has grown steadily year after year in student numbers and has become a reference to those seeking clear results in the acquisition of a second language.  The school is also well-known for its involvement in teacher training events in and around the region.  English Centre is run by a young and dynamic team who are committed to their work in  a friendly and pleasant atmosphere which is later reflected in their classes.

Job Information

Teaching at English Centre involves 20 -25 contact hours per week as well as a weekly 90 minute teachers meeting.  The school is involved in the preparation of external official exams such as Trinity, Cambridge, TOEFL, TOEIC etc.

We cater to a wide variety of students specializing in children as young as  3 years old, to university students, professionals, public school teachers, etc.

Most of the classes take place on site but there are also classes in nearby schools and enterprises.

We offer a competitive salary with paid holidays and full medical insurance as well as help settling in for teachers coming from outside the region.



As well as the appropriate qualifications, teachers must have an active and dynamic approach and be highly responsible and professional in their work. EC offers a friendly and dynamic atmosphere to teachers who want to work in an enthusiatic and light-hearted environment.  Flexibility and the ability to adapt to different situations is essential as well as common sense and the desire to work as part of a team.


Various full time and part time posts available for October 2011 – June 2011.