HYDE PARK is a private language school, just off centre in the beautiful, historic city of Cordoba in Andalucia.

We are a small, well equipped school. The classrooms are spacious and comfortable, designed to adapt to different learning situations, including theatre and movement games. There is, of
course, audio equipment in all classrooms, but also TV, CD, DVD, camera, and player, aswell as lap top and projector available whenever necessary.
There is a computer room for regular practice with multi-media too.

HYDE PARK is a dynamic pupil focussed language school that requires intelligent dedicated teachers. Our objective is that every pupil reaches the maximum of her possibillities and we work hard to insure that all pupils are participating.

To this end the school has abundant class material, both original and that found in teaching manuals. This material is organised in units, according to level, which means that both teachers and pupils enjoy varied, practical and fun classes. Much of the lesson planning has been done; so the available material must be interpreted creatively by the teacher.

A full time teacher teaches 20 hours a week. She is also required to assist a weekly progress meeting with the director, correct homework and do all relevant lesson planning.

There is a good stock of language board games, a flashcard file and relevant realia, readers even carpets, for use in young learner classes . If you enjoy teaching children and teenagers you will like HYDE PARK.

HYDE PARK enjoys a relaxed, but respectful atmosphere, where good staff, pupil and parental relations are the norm. Prospective teachers will be invited to contact existing teachers so as to insure we are what you are looking for.



Job Information

Above all we offer a very good salary, above the national norm considering the number of teaching hours (20). Teachers have full national health and social security cover. Contracts are for exactly 9 months (approximately
20 September to 20 June).
There are 2 weeks paid holiday at Christmas, 1 week at Easter, all local and national holidays and 3 days off
during the annual city fair in May.



1. Native English speaker competence
2. European passport holder.
3. University Degree.
4. CELTA or similar TEFL qualification or PGCE.