Taylor School opened in 2011 and we’re a friendly private language school in Oviedo, Asturias.  We teach ages from 3 to adults and we cover all levels.  Students prepare for Cambridge exams with us but we have a very strong communication focus to all our classes.  Teachers are encouraged to bring in new ideas and methods and have fun with the students whilst at the same time following our general guidelines on how to organise lessons. 

What differentiates us from other schools are our creative methods.  We do crafts with the primary children every Friday and teens do project work.  Our adults have to opportunity to attend an extra conversation class, pub quizzes and in the spring we go for walks up a nearby hill to drink some Asturian cider.  The teachers often participate in the recording of a language podcast for our students.  The podcasts are available for the general public and you can hear one about creativity in the classroom and another about the first impressions of our new teachers when they arrived in Asturias: