The English Business has been offering language classes for more than twenty years in Seville. The academy started off focusing its attention on offering language classes to local businesses. However, there was an increased demand to offer classes to children in the Triana area. It was then that the academy began focusing its attention on offering quality children’s classes. After fourteen years of successful classes in Seville, The English Business opened a second academy in Espartinas in October 2007. Our strong focus on children and increased success with young learners is what drove us to open the new centre and has made it so successful.

On our roll in Triana, we have over 200 students at the academy, 100 students at local pre-schools and through establishing positive relationships with local businesses we now give classes in many well-known companies in and around the city. Our second centre in Espartinas, which opened in 2007, has been a huge success thanks to the hard work and dedication of The English Business staff. In Espartinas we have over 500 students at the academy.

We realize that children absorb a language much more easily at the earliest age possible and that this process of language acquisition should take place in a natural way. Therefore we give our classes entirely in English, whereby the student learns to speak, listen, read, write and play as if they were doing it in their own language. We try to encourage our students not to perceive English as simply another school subject but rather as an extracurricular activity that is fun and educational at the same time.

We are one of the few academies in Seville that offer classes in nursery schools in their morning timetable. Our youngest students are only 4 months old and they tend to stay with us for years. It is incredible to see what children are capable of doing with the English language when they are introduced to it at such a young age.

Aside from our experience teaching children, we also have many years experience giving classes to adults in the academy and in businesses as mentioned above. Adults can expect dynamic classes that are interesting and engaging and at the same time allow them to maximize their spoken English as much as possible. The emphasis is firmly on communicative activities with a strong grammatical base. Over the last few years we have also started focusing more on official exam preparation which we find motivates students.

There is a positive, friendly and family-oriented atmosphere in the academy. Many past teachers have commented on the warm working environment at The English Business and teachers tend to stay with us for as long as they are in Seville. First and foremost we want our teachers to enjoy their working experiences with us. For this reason, the academy works diligently with new teachers so that they feel as comfortable as possible in their new role as an English teacher. You will find in our school a support system that is put into place to teach you as much as possible and help you when planning classes and managing the classroom.

We look forward to hearing from you. Please send us your CV.

Job Information

Full time teachers work from Monday to Thursday with a guaranteed minimum of 17 teaching hours. Official contracts from 1 September to 30 June with fully paid 3 day-induction period at the end of August. Contracts with full national health and social security cover.

Most of the classes are afternoon/evening blocks between 4pm and 10 pm at the academy and off-site in local schools, nurseries and businesses. Early afternoons from 2pm to 4pm are used for lesson planning, mentoring and training at the academy as well as one Friday morning teacher training a month. There is a limited possibility of morning work.

Holidays: Paid holidays according to the school calendar. There’s usually 2 weeks at Christmas, 1 week at Easter and several public holidays.

A friendly and close-knit work environment with professional development and growth through regular training, mentoring and observation feedback sessions. Extensive resources and materials at the teachers’ disposal.

Various teacher appreciation events held by the academy to create strong bonds and positive working atmosphere.



Teachers with EU citizenship or in possession of a valid Spanish work permit

Motivated, enthusiastic and open-minded teachers who are keen on learning and developing their teaching skills in a friendly and supportive atmosphere

Teachers who enjoy teaching and possess a willingness to help their colleagues

Ability to work with young learners and teenagers as well as adults