Running since 1994, at The School, we do our best to inspire our students to see English as a life skill,  more than an exam hurdle to jump through.

The students, approximately 70% children and teens, and 30% adults, range from pre-reading/writing  children to B1, B2, C1, C2 adult classes. The very  young learners (4-7) are usually taught by two specialist teachers.

The school has six well-equipped from interactive whiteboards to tablets for student use. There is an extensive library of resources constantly reviewed & updated, internal network of shared materials, & graded readers.

Our Ethos: English is a skill, and best developed by using it.

  • We want our pupils to learn English in an effective, fun and engaging way.
  • We work on all language skills but most importantly we encourage our students to communicate confidently and independently.
  • We encourage school-aged students to make links with English from school and put their English into action.Consequently  we strive to ensure classes are hands-on, vivid, and purposeful; taking into consideration, where possible, individual learning styles/needs.

School students

We use textbooks to adapt to our pupils’ needs. We test what what we teach.

We encourage our pupils at all times to take responsibility for their learning.

The success and smooth-running of the school, and subsequently pupils’ learning is based on mutual respect inside and outside of the classroom.

Teachers, administration, parents and pupils all  collaborate so their learning experience to be as effective and pleasurable as possible.


We work to balance developing their English skills with helping those who want to prepare an external English exam.

Adults are assessed in a function-led, rather than, grammar-led way, reflecting the school’s ethos. Students have found it empowering and more relevant. We always strive to  make the most of their time in the classroom to work on oral skills.

We are always looking for ways to improve.