Ceuta is a small city on the coast of Morocco. Despite seemingly being a part of Morocco, it actually belongs to Spain. Its main characteristics are: duty-free port, military way-point, strong economy, modern facilities, and beneficial tax laws. Its total area is about 17 square kilometres.

Our city enjoys a mild Mediterranean subtropical climate. Winter is the rainy season while summer tends to be dry.

Ceuta has about 45,000 residents. Close to 60% of the residents are Spanish, with much of the rest being Moroccan while residents of Indian descent comprise about 1% of the population. Most of the Spanish residents adhere to the Roman Catholic faith while most of the Moroccans are Muslim. Both Spanish and Moroccan are widely spoken. However, Spanish is the official language of business and government.

The city receives high numbers of ferries each day, most from Spain. Occasionally, cruise ships stop by. There is a bus service with modern and spacious buses running around the city with stops at the border with Morocco.

Ceuta does not have an airport. There is, however, a regular helicopter service from Ceuta Heliport linking it to Málaga Airport. All other access to and from Ceuta is by ferry or land.

There are about 19 Primary Schools and 8 High Schools and the Spanish Government has built “Ceuta University Campus”.