Many regions in Spain have associations of private language schools which are affiliated to FECEI, the National Federation of Private Language Schools in Spain.

While procedures for signing contracts vary considerably, many of the steps in this article are common for EU nationals when signing contracts with Spanish language schools

Anyone working with minors is required to provide certificates showing they don’t have previous convictions for sex-related offences.

Health care in Spain might seem complicated at first, but you needn’t fret, as this article will show.

The Spanish labour market is heavily-regulated and you should know something about the legislation which affects you directly.

Procedures for applying for an identity number vary from province to province so this is only a rough guide to the process (for EU nationals).

In this short video a teacher talks us through a typical Spanish pay-slip (called a nomina in Spanish) and explains the deductions made for tax, social security, etc.

The days when simply being a native speaker of English was enough to get you a TEFL job are long gone. Nowadays you need to be trained and qualified.

Once you have been issued with a national identity number (NIE), you can register for a Social Security Number. Here’s how

European Union nationals don’t need work visas to work in Spain but other nationalities do.