To edit the description of your centre, please follow these steps:

1. Go to the  login page, complete the box with your username and  password and click on the  login button (if you haven’t received or have lost your username and password, fill in the form, at the bottom of this webpage and we’ll resend your details).

2. Once you’ve completed the box and clicked on the button, you will see a page with a black menu bar on the right-hand side. Come pack to these instructions and click here: Language Schools.

3. In the directory of language schools which opens, find your school and click on your logo. Your school’s page will open.

4. In the black menú bar which appears at the top of the screen, click on ‘Edit Language School‘.

5. Complete the four sections (Description, Job Information, Requirements, Vacancies ).

6. You can use the menu at the top of the page  (Avia Layout Builder) to change the page design (Layout Elements), to add content (Content Elements) and to add photos and/or videos (Media Elements).

7. Before you finish editing, click on the “Submit for Review” button (which appears in the top right-hand corner) to sabe the information.

8. The changes made will be published shortly.

9. Click on ‘logout’ (on the right-hand side of the black menú bar at the top of the page).