Health Cover

For an introduction to Health Care in Spain, and information about registering with a GP, or applying for a social security card, please read the article Healthy, Wealthy and Wise.

Insurance for Work-Related Injuries

Health Care in SpainIn accordance with the provisions of the convenio for our sector, teachers employed by language schools in Spain should be covered for work-related injuries and civil liability while at work or on their way to work for the entire duration of their contracts. Ask your employer for more details.

Medical Check-Ups

Health Care in Spain In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Health and Safety Act, all teachers should be offered free medical check-ups by their employers during the course of the academic year. Teachers who decide to waive their rights to these medical check-ups can do so by signing a form to that effect.

Health & Safety Act

In accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Health and Safety Act, employees at language schools should be given information on the subject of health and safety in the workplace.

Private Medical Insurance

Health Care in Spain Sanitas, one of the biggest private medical insurance companies in Spain, has special cut-price rates for teachers who work at schools which are members of FECEI (the National Federation of Language schools in Spain). For further information, see their webpage (

Absence due to Illness

Health Care in Spain According to the provisions of the collective agreement (convenio) for our sector, in the case of absence through illness, there is a 100% reduction in salary from days 1 to 3 of illness. Thereafter, statutory sick pay (60% of salary) is payable by the Spanish Department of Social Security from the 4th till the 20th day of illness. From day 21, payment increases to 75% of the basic salary. Some schools may offer better conditions than these standard conditions.

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