Description of school:

Aulainglés is a project composed of professionals in the teaching of English as a foreign language. If a language is a culture, we believe that learning the English language allows us to unite cultures, expand minds and horizons in an increasingly global world.

We also believe that, although English is the universal language in business and demanded in most current job offers, it is still the unfinished business of Spanish colleges, institutes and universities, light years away from our European neighbours. Those of us who write this page know how difficult it can be to learn English and face a stay as a student or worker in an Anglo-Saxon country, but we also know that all this can be easier if we choose the right methods and teachers.

Aulainglés aims to be your guide in learning the English language. We are not a page where you can download English courses or yellow pages of academies, but we want to be your reference when choosing a course, your counsellor before facing a program abroad, your support when you feel like studying an English book

If out of necessity, curiosity or interest you have arrived here, we invite you to browse our pages. We are convinced that we will be useful to you, and you will get a little bit of our passion for the Anglo-Saxon language and culture.