campamentos de verano en inglés TECS

TECS is one of the companies within the “El Centro Inglés” educational group, focused on Teaching English as a foreign Language. For over 20 years we have specialised into our four main areas:

  • Summer Camps
  • English Academies
  • Language Travel
  • School programmes

Summer Camps

Each summer we run some of the best English language summer camps in all of Spain. The summer camp programme is an activity-based language learning programme in which language learning is combined with fun activities like: sports, adventure, excursions, music, computers, art, handicrafts, nature, songs, games, parties.

The objective is for Spanish children to learn English whilst enjoying themselves in a camp atmosphere. Our Summer Camps run from the end of June to mid-August each year.

Every year we hire between 60-150 fun-loving, active people in a variety of different positions to work as monitors, EFL teachers, managers, drivers, catering and more. The majority of our positions don’t require our staff to have any level of Spanish.

You can check out all of the job profiles with full descriptions, dates, wages, etc. here.

English Academies

We have two academies in the Cadiz province. One is in our main based in El Puerto de Santa Maria, a lively town of approximately 90,000 overlooking the Bay of Cádiz and which boasts some of the most beautiful beaches in the country as well as numerous historical points of interest. The other is located in Jerez de la Frontera, the largest city in the Cadiz province with approximately 215,000 inhabitants.

Class sizes in our academies range from 6 to 12 students with classes of all levels, from beginners to proficiency.  We also can have some smaller group classes of 3-5 students in a class.  We accept students from age 3 and up.  Classes are an hour or an hour and a half in length, two or three times a week with semi-optional reinforcement, games and conversation classes on Fridays. On Saturday mornings in our TECS–Central centre in El Puerto de Santa María, we offer “Fun with English” sessions for young learners as well as conversation and learning support sessions for adults.  Class timetables vary depending on the TECS centre.

You can check out all of the job profiles with full descriptions, dates, wages, etc. here.

Language Travel

  • Summer: In summer we offer students of all ages to travel abroad for 2-3 weeks to countries such as the UK, Ireland and USA chaperoned by a TECS Coordinator. We also run our summer mini summer camp in Wales.
  • Academic Year: More and more families are wanting their kids to study abroad for a trimester or a full year. We offer the academic programmes with schools in the UK, Ireland, USA and Canada.

School Programmes

Apart from our camps in summer, we also run camps all year long for schools. 99% of these camps are run between February – June and typically take place for 3-5 days. Schools like to send their kids to our full immersion English camps so that they can improve their English, have a fun trip away from school, and they can further their knowledge in other areas by choosing a cool theme.

You can check out all of the job profiles with full descriptions, dates, wages, etc. here.

“TECS camps are the best way to spend your summer and gain experience, if you like working with children. I had an amazing experience this summer and would definitely recommend others to joining the TECS team. ”

“I’ve had the summer of my life working as an English Teacher at TECS Puerto. The kids were a burst of fresh air every single day and I have made some fantastic friends with my fellow staff members. I can’t wait to come back to camp next summer. ”

“Working at TECS is an experience anyone wanting to work at a fun camp should do! Its a great atmosphere where campers and workers come together to have a great time! Its an intense experience, that changes you,and you get to meet many new people along the way.”

“Want to have a crazy, fun, life-changing summer? Come to TECS! You develop so much professionally and personally and you’ll never have another experience like it again!”

“Working on TECS summer camps is a wonderful opportunity to begin your teaching career, explore a new country and meet new people. Whether its discovering a new passion or refining your talents, TECS summer camps can help you achieve your goals through an unforgettable summer experience. ”

Working on Summer Camp


Go here to see the full list of jobs that we hire for each summer. There you will find a full job profile with a description of the role, requirements, dates and wages. In order to apply you should apply for the position(s) you are interested in online there.

We usually begin our recruitment for summer camps from around January/February each year, although we are open for applications all year round.

What’s it like to work on camp?

In general, camp working hours are long and camp life is nothing like 9-5 living. Camp days are structured similarly to American Camps with staff being involved in a wide range of activities throughout the day. Generally all positions have between 3-4 hours off during the day and some nights off each week. All staff have one day off at the weekend. All applicants must be young at heart and prepared for the rigors of a residential summer camp. From our experience, summer camp is a great job for people who are fun-loving, adaptable, energetic and enthusiastic. Please note this is a summer CAMP and not a summer school, meaning this is not just classroom teaching, as all teachers must do outside the classroom responsibilities, leader group supervision, arts and crafts classes etc.., which are of equal importance to those responsibilities they fulfill within the classroom.

For more information on what it’s like check out:


  • No Spanish is required for the vast majority of positions.
  • All of our staff positions on summer camps are residential.
  • A valid International Child Protection Certificate.
  • EU passport or Spanish Work permit holder.
  • At least 2 satisfactory references from the most recent teaching positions

English Academy Teaching Positions


Our main recruitment period for our English academies is generally from March-September. However, due to factors such as opening new classes, teacher illness, etc. we often recruit for teachers all year long. If you are interested in being considered then please apply online.


  • A valid International Child Protection Certificate.
  • EU passport or Spanish Work permit holder.
  • At least 2 satisfactory references from the most recent teaching positions
  • A recognised, relevant teaching qualification (e.g. CELTA; CELTYL; Cert. TESOL; PGCE (TESOL+QTS); BEd./PGCE) or equivalent qualification from another country
  • A native level of English.