Aldaia is next to Alaquás. They are so close to each other that there are some streets where one side belongs to Alaquas and the other to Aldaia.

It has about thirty five thousand inhabitants and belongs to the metropolitan area of Valencia. It has excellent public transport to and from the city-centre.

Aldaia is famous for being the “cradle of fans”. They are manufactured and painted or embroidered in Aldaia and some could reach the standard of authentic pieces of art. It is considered craftsmanship. Another of the main activities in this town is the growing of orange, olive trees and vegetables.

As far as industry is concerned wood, metal and plastic products stand out.

One of its most prominent monuments is the Parish Church of “La Anunciación” which dates back to the fifteenth century.

Aldaia has a long avenue called “The Green Belt” where families can spend a nice day practising different sports or just relaxing. It is used daily as a “jogging circuit”.

Festivities in Aldaia are celebrated to honour of the “ Christ of the People in Need” between July the 27th and August the 6th. Aldaia has one of the largest shopping centres in Europe Called “Bonaire”. It was opened in 2000.