Ampuero is a quaint little village in the northern region of Cantabria. It has a population of around 4,000 and is located about 50 kilometres away from the regional capital of Santander and the Cantabrian coast.

Despite its small size, Ampuero has a surprising amount to offer the visitor. The surrounding countryside is as wild and beautiful as any part of the north of Scotland or the west of Ireland. There are many places of interest, both in the village and in surrounding areas.

This is a wonderful area for fishing, especially salmon and trout. Needless to say, local produce features in many of the dishes associated with Ampuero and one would be hard-pressed to find better food anywhere else in Spain.

Spanish villages the length and breadth of Spain pride themselves on their local festivities and Ampuero is no different. Although not as well-known as the festival in Pamplona, Ampuero has its own bull-run through the streets in early September when the whole village turns into one big party.