Aranda de Duero is a provincial town about 150km from Madrid, 80km from Burgos and 100km from Valladolid.

Everywhere in town is within walking distance. At most it takes 30 minutes to walk from one end of the town to the other; it takes a little longer if you choose to stop off & socialise along the way. In addition  there’s a new bike pick up /drop off system around  town.

There are many interesting places to visit nearby, Roman ruins,  castles, walled villages,  …. wineries. The area is also blessed with  fabulous countryside to explore. Some organised trails can be reached on foot, by bike, or by the idiosyncratic public transport. Some of the best are only accessible by car.

There are many accessible local events:   the annual medieval fair, fiestas, street processions at Christmas, Carnavales . There’s also excellent opportunities to see  theatre, and concerts, (open air in the summer).

Teachers have found people friendly and helpful. Locals go for lunch-time tapas at the weekend and keep up the Spanish tradition of the evening paseo. They tend to go out in the evening  late, after 9  to meet friends.

There aren’t many native English speakers in Aranda. Past teachers’ experiences have shown it can be easy to break into a group of Spanish friends but you will have to take the initiative. Many of the locals are proud to share their traditions and time with you.

Aranda has a more picturesque old part and a large local Saturday market. There are organised tours of the underground “bodegas”/ wine cellars which riddle the centre of Aranda.

Classes tend to be blocked so teachers are free  until 3:30 at least 3 days a week.

Aranda has good sports facilities:

  • an indoor pool with squash courts, 3 outdoor pools, open in June; municipal outdoor tennis courts,
  • 3 gyms: yoga, tai chi, pilates, martial arts, step, spinning and so on classes.
  • opportunities to join local 5-a-side football and 15-a-side rugby, groups of walkers and a  caving/pot-holeing society.

There’s a municipal music school , creative arts school which offers painting, printing, digital photography and pottery and the civic centre offers a mixture of activities such as  bellydancing, or  drumming.