With a population of just under 7,000 you might think Candás is just too small and too far off the beaten track, but when you discover that the three main urban centres in Asturias (Gijón, Oviedo and Avilés) are all within 15 kilometres, you realize what a superb location this place is.

Traditionally, fishing has been the major industry for this village and the port has always been one of the most important on the Cantabrian Coast. In recent years, however, tourism and related service industries have become more important to the village, especially during the summer months.

As well as its traditional festivities (such as theFestival de la Sardina on 1st August and El Cristoon 14th September), Candás has more recently become host to an annual festival for bagpipe bands (Festival de Bandes de Gaites Villa de Candás).