Although most teachers working in Dos Hermanas choose to live in Seville due to its proximity, Dos Hermanas is an interesting option for those who prefer the convenience of living and working in the same place.

Dos Hermanas is just 13 kms from Seville. Communications by road and train are excellent. The train journey takes 15 minutes; there are around 3 trains an hour to and from the city. By car, depending on the time of day, allow around 25 minutes.
The town is one of the 4 largest and one of those with the youngest population  in Andalucia, with a population of over 100,000. Over the last 30 years the town has seen dramatic growth. The centre is fairly traditional, with a busy market and pedestrian shopping area, but this soon gives way to attractive avenues, modern terrace houses and low-rise flats .There are many roundabouts or glorietas, as they’re called here, all beautifully landscaped. Town planners have definitely done a good job!
Facilities in the town are excellent; particularly if you like sports. There seems to be a gym on every main street and, of course like every Spanish town, Dos Hermanas has an excellent selection of bars and cafés.
What do people in the town do? Well, in the past the economy was based around the olive oil industry, but now people work in the local services and many commute to Seville.

Nazarenos’ as the people of the town are called , are proud of their roots and loyal to their traditional celebrations. In October there’s the colourful ‘Romeria de Valme’ and just 2 weeks after the Seville Fair the Dos Hermanas Feria kicks in.