Located on Spain’s northern coast, Gijon is an industrial city with a population of just over 270,000. It has a thriving modern port, and its beaches are within easy reach of the city. However, you should remember that the climate in this part of Spain is not unlike the climate in Britain or Ireland, with mild summers and considerable rainfall in winter.

There’s plenty to see and do in the city. Among the places visitors like to see, the San Lorenzo Church, the Town Hall and the local Bull Ring are quite popular. Meanwhile, a stroll through Gijon will reveal the many modern sculptures dotted around the city which make it an open-air modern art gallery.

Among Gijon’s culinary delights, Fabada Asturiana(a rich bean stew) is well worth trying. Also worth trying are the numerous fish and seafood dishes prepared with local produce. Of course you can’t miss out on the local cider which is deservedly famous throughout Spain. And, if you have enough room for dessert, try the Charlota de Gijon, a chilled cake made with cream.

Gijon enjoys excellent nightlife and is a superb place for live entertainment as, like Madrid and Barcelona, the city regularly plays host to international acts.