Huelva is a traditional industrial town and port (population: 180,000) situated in the south west of Spain on the Atlantic Coast.

Consequently, it has an excellent climate (mild winters and long summers). The unspoilt beach is 15 kilometres from the centre and can be enjoyed throughout the year.

The local economy is based on the chemical, cellulose and metal industries which are situated in factories on the outskirts of town. The town itself is modern and lively and the surrounding area is interesting both historically (Columbus sailed from here) and culturally with the famous El Rocio festival in May/June being an experience not to miss.

Excellent roads to Seville, the Portuguese Algarve and the Doñana National Park put these within an hour’s drive. The Sierra of Huelva, with its timeless Andalucian villages, is ideal for walkers and Cordoba, Malaga, Granada and Cadiz are easily accessible for long weekends.

Huelva is a very authentic Spanish working town – there are few tourists here which means that people get to experience what life in Spain is really like.