Irun is situated on the border between France and Spain. San Sebastian is 20 minutes away by train and Biarritz only 15 minutes by car.

It provides easy access to mountains and seaside and a full range of amenities and facilities. Cross-border trade has declined as a source of wealth and the city is now in a process of re-inventing itself as a commercial centre and service provider.

It has an attractive city and residential areas and although it may not be able to boast the architectural and landscape splendour of San Sebastian, it is a peaceful and pleasant place to live.

For teachers though, one of the main advantages of living in Irun as opposed to the capital is that accommodation is very much cheaper. Another attraction is the possibility of dipping into the French way of life just a walk or bike ride away.

As in other towns and villages of this area, a cafe lifestyle can be enjoyed here all year round, weather permitting, and the beaches and countryside offer a variety of sporting options amongst which the most popular are surfing, cycling and hill-walking.

Irun has two English theme pubs, and if the pseudo Jane Austin interior doesn’t remind you of home maybe the Bass beer will.

Eating out for lunch or dinner is a possibility even on a teacher’s budget and there are restaurants in the town centre which offer three course traditional fare with wine for less than ten pounds.