La Carlota is a municipality in the province of Córdoba. A village located in the south east of the province. La Carlota was founded in 1767 as part of the colonisation policy initiated by Charles III. As a result, its urban layout displays the linear design typical of illustrated rationalism.

The Administrative House is its most noteworthy building. Along with the Real Posada y Fonda (royal inn) a18th century building as well as the Government’s Subdelagate Palace. The Barroque church with three naves. And the Plaza del Mercado de Abastos which brings a touch of neoclassicism used nowadays as the municipal market.

The municipal area is divided into departments, five of which (Quintana, Fuencubierta, La Pineda, Pequeña Carlota and Garabato) are hamlets. The departments which are not hamlets are Monte Alto, Arrecife, La Paz, El Rinconcillo and Los Algarbes. Together, these individual population centres form the village of La Carlota.

This lively warm village offers us also a wonderful andalusian gastronomy.  There are many coffee shops and plenty of restaurants where you can enjoy typical sweets and delicious traditional plates.

To prepare for the weather, know that July is warmest with an average temperature of 35.3 °C at noon. January is coldest with an average temperature of 4.5 °C at night. La Carlota has distinct cold and warm seasons, like cold (but short) winters and warm summers. Temperatures drop sharply at night.

The locals are friendly people ready to help in anything they’re able. The population is quite young, with lots of young families with small children and middle age families with teenagers, and it keeps growing since the city is well located and a nice place to live at.
There is a big & new sports center and other places to enjoy free time.

The rents are not expensive and it isn’t hard to find an apartment. Another positive thing is that you can walk anywhere within the village, a car beeing only needed to get outside of it, and there are several buses each day that go to Córdoba, Seville & Madrid.

The city is near the highway and it isn’t too far from big cities like Seville or Malaga, and only 20 min. away from Cordoba.