While Badajoz is the oficial capital of Extremadura and the Badajoz province, Merida is the administrative capital.

The town really does stand out with its significant Roman legacy. Its fascinating Roman ruins, including the theatre, amphitheatre and the Temple of Diana, make it a real cause of pride for the Extremenians.

It’s no surprise, then, that the town has been declared a World Heritage Site.

There’s a considerable choice of bars, restaurants and clubs in Merida, which means there’s something for everyone. It boasts an impressive golf course too, which is nearby.

As far as local dishes in the area go, the famousTorta de la Serena (soft cheese from the La Serena region of the Badajoz province), simply must be experienced. Also, since the renowned Iberian pigs graze all over the Extremaduran pastureland, there’s no shortage of prime meats to be savoured in and around Merida.