Montilla, famous for its wine, is 24 kilometres from Lucena and 40 kilometres from Cordoba.

It is a typical Andalusian town with a mixture of Baroque and Renaissance architecture mixed with modern styles that recent prosperity has brought to the area. There are a lot of good local shops as well as the possibilities of shopping in Cordoba, Malaga, Seville and Granada, all within easy reach by public transport. There is a cinema and theatre, libraries, galleries, sports centres, swimming pools and gyms. Also there are various clubs and associations catering for different interests. There are numerous bars, pubs and restaurants – the food is second to none – as is the night life which at the weekends can go on past dawn.

The area is very close to the Subbetica Natural Park which is ideal for hiking, climbing and less energetic excursions.

Montilla is situated in the heart of Andalucia. Seville, Granada, Malaga and Cordoba are all less than one and a half hours away. Madrid can be reached in just two hours by AVE (the high speed train) from Cordoba.

Cost of Living

A rented, furnished flat costs around 350€ per month depending on size and location. This would normally be 2 or 3 bedrooms so this price could be divided by 2 or 3 if you share.

A meal out: 8-15 €
A take-away: 9 €
A drink: 1.20 €
Cinema: 5 €