Ever since it was founded by the Romans in the year 138 B.C., Valencia has been accumulating the enormous wealth contributed by the different cultures that have lived here.
These cultures include the Greeks, Romans, Arabs and the Catholic Kings of Spain. Valencia was a Kingdom in its own right and then, much later, the capital of the Republic for a time, before the capital was moved to Barcelona.

Walking through Valencia you’ll feel the plurality and evolution of a city, in which the legacies of a prosperous history coexist harmoniously with new and innovative architecture.

Among the many delights Valencia has on offer are strolling through the historical centre, contemplating religious temples, gothic, baroque and modernist civic buildings, visiting museums or admiring emblematic projects such as the City of Arts and Sciences or the Palace of Congresses.

Today Valencia is one of the most important industrial centres of the Mediterranean. It has become an outstanding European centre of congresses and trade shows.

In this attractive, cosmopolitan city on the Mediterranean coast, you will find a gentle climate, rich gastronomy, celebrations and traditions, as well as an ample supply of cultural and leisure activities, in fact, everything you need!