Vigo, sometimes called the Olive City, is the biggest and most important town in Galicia as well as being the largest fishing port in Europe.

Despite being an industrialized city with car factories and shipyards, Vigo has lots of lovely green places to see such as the ancient Celtic hill-fort called the Castro that towers above the port. You can also catch a ferry to the nearby Cíes Isles where lies the Praia das Rodas, the best beach in the world according to Gavin McOwen of The Guardian.

The city is in the Rias Baixas or Southern Estuaries of Galicia, an area famous for its Ribeiro andAlbariño wines, just north of Portugal. This area has its own microclimate, an Atlantic climate with Mediterreanian influences, so you’ll find that the weather is very agreeable, damp and rainy in the wintertime and lovely and warm (although not too warm) in the summertime. Perfect for a nice day sunbathing at Samil or at any other of the numerous beaches nearby.

Vigo also has a varied and colourful nightlife with lots of pubs and discoteques not to mention many excellent restaurants which, of course, offer delicious meals using the very best of Galician seafood and other quality local products.