Kedaro International is a young company based in 8 Calle Murillo, Huelva. After two years the academy has grown and has established itself as a center of quality education, always striving to met meet the needs of our students.

This project is defined by the following values.

Innovation: our desire to innovate has lead us to implement new ideas that help us carry out our work to the highest professional standards.

Competitiveness: we are committed to carrying out quality education, with the best methods and the best work environment.

Continuous learning: we believe that there is nothing more important than the training and development of our teachers.


We believe that quality and, above all, the reliability of our teaching methods must be constantly tested. Therefore, our classes are dynamic and always strive to meet the individual needs of each student, giving vital importance to oral interaction and helping students to develop their communication skills as well as preparing them for their various exams.








3 Full-time Positions