Why Academia Discover?

Because we truly and passionately love teaching, working as a team, and having a lasting impact on our students’ lives. Becoming a team member at our school is challenging, stimulating, nurturing and incredibly rewarding. We pride ourselves on creating a family-like atmosphere and lasting bonds among both the students and the staff.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EQ6NhyR1ZQA

We offer FULL-TIME contracts to all of our team members, a competitive salary, weekly professional development workshops, external teacher training, a paid induction session for all staff before the beginning of the school year, as well as the opportunity to take on extra leadership responsibilities and offer your own workshops.

If you want to work in a place where your voice is heard, your hard work is valued and your ideas are taken on board, send us your CV.

What are the Benefits of Working at Academia Discover?

  • We ONLY teach classes on-site from 4 PM onwards every evening.
    You can specialise in teaching young learners, teens or adults. This reduces your planning time and allows you to excel at what you’re good at and what you most enjoy doing.
  • Highly professional, friendly, welcoming and supportive working environment.
  • Offer help settling in and finding accommodation.

You will have the chance to participate in and contribute to the special events we organise in the academy like WOWness Week, gratitude week and culture month and you can even run your own events in the academy. We love nothing more than new, creative, innovative ideas!https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RW5IbPB82As

Our Core Values

At Academia Discover we are not only passionate about teaching English. Teaching our students Character, Life, and Learning skills to best prepare them for the future is paramount. We also believe in offering all of our students all the free support classes and workshops they need in order to excel.
All of this is absolutely free because we really care about each and every student who chooses to study at our academy. Since opening our doors in 2001, we have become an integral part of the community. If you think your CORE VALUES match ours we would love to speak to you so do not hesitate in introducing yourself to us!

  • We welcome diverse teaching methods and are always eager to try new techniques in the classroom
  • We believe in teacher freedom and flexibility in the classroom. This is possible due to confidence and trust in our teachers, who we know share our beliefs and values in education
  • We are always eager to share our ideas and learn from one other through workshops and collaboration

What’s Living in Lucena Like?

Do you enjoy walking to work, spending very little on rent and getting free tapas with your beer? If so, then Lucena could be the ideal place for you. Located in the heart of the Andalusian countryside, surrounded by vineyards and olive groves, Lucena is a small and pretty city ideally located within an hour of Malaga airport by bus, and close to other big cities such as Córdoba, Seville and Granada. This makes it the perfect place to discover the wonders of Andalusia and venture further afield at the weekends. Lucena also presents Spanish language enthusiasts with the perfect opportunity to learn and practice Spanish.

  • They say everything is a 5min walk away in Lucena, including a variety of clothing and electronics stores, 4 major supermarket chains and a weekly local Spanish market
  • Extremely festive for its size, huge traditional parades and street celebrations throughout the year, but can be easily avoided if you fancy a quiet night in