ELI Málaga opened  in August 2011, the first ELI school in the city.  We pride ourselves on providing excellent care for our staff and students, in a professional but friendly environment, not only in the classroom but throughout the school.  We are a learning organisation with a strong focus on professional development.


ELI Teatinos:  In September 2019, we moved into new premises in a residential area near the university of Málaga.  We have five good sized classrooms, all light and airy and fully-equipped with interactive whiteboards.  We take good care of the school and it is a very pleasant, bright working environment.  Teatinos is a modern and developing suburb of Málaga city, around 20mins on the bus from the city centre.  It is near the university campus and most residents are young families and students.  The area has excellent facilities, lots of open space and parks and is well-connected to the main roads to the coast, airport, mountains, etc.

The students:  Our students are a mix of young children (from age 3 up), adolescents and adults.  Learning English is a long-term project for omost of them.  We take a personal interest in every one of them, to ensure they make the best progress and that the take full advantage of all that the school has to offer.

The classes:  In our year-round courses from September to June, children come twice a week for 40min or 60min lessons and teens and adults come twice a week for 1h30.  Most lessons take place between 16.00-22.00 Monday to Thursday, but we do have morning and Friday classes too. All our courses follow a clear syllabus, using up-to-date appropriate coursebook and supplementary material.  Our students do internal exams, written and oral, twice a year and receive written progress reports – we have parents’ evening  where they can meet  the teacher to discuss their child’s progress. We also run intensive courses for Cambridge exam preparation from October to January, from February to May and in the month of July.

Teachers:  For the forthcoming year, we are looking to expand our ambitious, dynamic team.  We are looking for professional teachers who take pride in what they do, who care about the students and who keen and enthusiastic to bring something new to the team and take advantages of the opportunities on offer.