SeaHaven is a modern fully – equipped English language centre, a member of ACEIA, official Cambridge Preparation Centre and Registered London Trinity College ISE examination centre.

All the classrooms are fully equipped with internet connections, interactive whiteboard facilities and a well-resourced teachers room. The teaching emphasis is towards exam preparation maily Cambridge main-suite, though with increasing demand for the Trinity ISE exams particularly amongst adults. All teachers are given comprehensive training and there are regular workshops run by Senior Teachers and the Director. The input regarding teaching methodologies is very thorough with expert knowledge on Cambridge exams as the Director is a Speaking Examiner Team Leader, and constant advice and back-up to improve as an ESOL teacher.

SeaHaven has built a very strong local reputation since being founded in Martos in 1996. In 2013 it opened a new centre in Jaén with the same philosophy of providing quality English language teaching at affordable prices to parents and adults.


Job Information

Job Information: 

As a teacher in SeaHaven it is important to remember that teaching is a vocation. You must enjoy the challenges that teaching English has otherwise it will become very clear to Senior staff members. However, despite the problems that a teacher can encounter the back-up from senior staff members is very thorough and only very insular teachers will feel lost.

The timetable respects the fact that more hours often leads to poor teaching. There is a maximum of 24/25 hours a week with the majority (if not all) classes being in the afternoon. There are no weekend classes The allocation of classes also reflects an emphasis on providing time for good preparation. Teachers will often have various classes of the same level to reduce the preparation load so that with 8 different classes in a timetable, you are only really preparing for 4 levels.

The input and help from other staff members is constant and very rewarding. This coupled with the well-resourced classrooms and teachers room gives ample opportunity for a dedicated teacher to develop and progress into a very profficient ESOL teacher.

With regards to problem classes the Director will look at how it affects the  progress of all the students in the class so that classes with more issues to deal with will be quickly diagnosed and suitable on-hands help provided so that the whole class including the teacher can progress normally
Finally regarding the pay. It is extremely reasonable and even more so given the cheap living costs in the the town.