Bailen is a provincial town of 20,000 inhabitants just off the A-4 motorway, close to Linares, Jaen, and 15 minutes from Andujar.

It is a safe, hospitable town situated on a natural crossroads and famous for the 1808 battle of Bailen which was Napoleon’s first defeat and which marked the end of the War of Independence.

The town of Bailen dates back to Roman times and takes its name from the Roman name Baecula. After the Spanish civil war Bailen became one of the most important towns in the province with a highly enterprising population.

Nowadays its main activities are agriculture (olive plantations) together with olive oil factories. The ceramic industry and brick manufacturing are also a great source of income.
It is a small, friendly town which still retains its typical Spanish character with regional festivals and local fairs, some interesting restaurants serving delicious local food.
There is also a monument and a recently-opened museum dedicated to the Battle of Bailen. You can find the shops and services of any small town, all within walking distance. There is a sports centre, two gyms with indoor swimming pool, an outdoor pool in the summer, and a selection of supermarkets of the important chains.