Pamplona (Iruña in Basque) is located in northern Spain, near the French border and the coast, and is well known for its culture and gastronomy.

Pamplona can proudly boast that it has been made to live in. It has over 4,000sq. metres of parks and gardens which makes it one of the largest “green” cities in Europe.

In spite of it being a relatively small city, it is home to very prestigious universities and medical facilities, which have turned it into a renowned centre for medical, scientific, business and cultural congresses.

It’s a city where the quality of life is more privileged than others due to its respect for the environment, the high level of development in education, public health treatment and its advanced economic level.

Once a year the city is transformed because of the famous Festivals of “San Fermin”, known world-wide thanks to the books of Ernest Hemingway.