IH Pamplona CLEN College was founded in 1991 and nowadays it offers a wide range of courses and activities. The school has 3 Centres in Pamplona.

IH CLEN Colegio de Medicos is a historical building which has 7 classrooms, an auditorium, a cafe and a restaurant.

IH CLEN Rochapea is located in a listed building, which has been transformed from a factory into a Training Centre. There are 5 classrooms, and facilities for staff and students include a library, a video and a dvd section, computer internet access and teaching materials.

IH CLEN Mendebaldea is in a new residential area. The 3 classrooms cater for the students in the area.

Number of Students:
Approximately 3,386 students (in 2007/2008).

Breakdown of Students:
(In 2007/2008) Children & Adolescents: 1,986
In-company: over 1,130
Adults in IH Centres: 270.

Number of Students:
16 British, 7 American teachers, 3 Irish teachers, 21 Spanish teachers, 3 French teachers, 2 German teachers, 2 Polish teachers, 1 Dutch teacher, 1 Italian teacher, 1 Portuguese teacher, 1 Philippine teacher

Apart from the reception and administrative offices, there are 15 air-conditioned classrooms, two libraries (video, dvd and book lending service). Teachers’ area and computers.

Future Developments: IH Pamplona has an ambitious expansion programme offering great opportunities to those who wish to progress.

Main Activities:
General English, Spanish, German, French, Portuguese and Italian courses for Adults.
General English, Spanish and French courses for juniors.
Other languages available on request.
In-company English, Spanish, French and German courses.
In-school English courses.
Teacher Training courses.

Useful Info:
At the moment there are interesting plans ahead to consolidate a Teacher Development Department of excellent quality with the addition of qualified staff. Therefore, it’s a great opportunity for those teachers who have specialised in YL, Business, Exam Preparation and Teacher Training to apply for a position at IH Pamplona CLEN College.

Job Information: 

Contract dates:

September – June. Work during the Easter week. City summer camps available.

Contact hours: 22
No contact hours: teachers’ meetings and training compulsory. Monthly Teacher Development schedule to attend.

Paid holidays:
– Christmas: 2 weeks
– Easter: 10 days
– Summer: 1 month
(permanent staff)

Assistance in finding accommodation is provided upon request. The cost of a rented flat is approximately 1/3 of the monthly salary.

Notes on Contract:
Teachers must prove a 2-year experience in areas such as: Business English, 1:1, YL and teens. Additional work with Infants and in Easter and Summer camps highly appreciated.
Work permit and residence for non-Europeans.
Contract extension to cover summer work may be available.
The contact hours are distributed throughout the day in this way: early morning classes, lunchtime and evening lessons till 10 pm, Saturday classes are exceptional.