My name is Heather Martin and  I started teaching in 2007 after graduating from university with a degree in Computer Animation and Multimedia.  I decided that I didn’t want to work in this field and went to South Korea to teach, where I ended up staying for 3 years.  I didn’t do the CELTA before I went but when I returned to Scotland I decided that I wanted to do some more serious teaching and therefore completed my CELTA in Edinburgh before starting to learn Spanish and look for work in Spain.

I attended the Spainwise Jobs Fair in 2010. I went to many stands and spoke to many employers but in the end I got it down to 3 schools that I liked.  I had interviews and was offered all of the jobs but the job offer that I accepted was at El Centro de Inglés in Andújar.  It worked out very well for me and I am now in my second year there.  The Spainwise Jobs Fair offered a variety of workshops as well as talks about life in Spain from people who had got their jobs there and I thought it was a very worthwhile event to attend and would definitely consider attending it again in the future.

Overall, the Spainwise Jobs Fair worked out well for me and my future in Spain looks certain at the moment.  I would recommend it to anyone looking for work in Spain as there were a variety of employers and they were willing to provide you a lot of information so if you are not sure if life in Spain would be right for you then Spainwise is the place to go to find out, you won’t look back!

Find out about the Spainwise TEFL Job Fairs here.