I’ve always had a secret desire to teach. I love travelling, learning about different cultures, and meeting people from different countries. Life led me to the CELTA via the scenic route. I completed my weekend intensive TEFL course with I-to-I in 2009 and was inspired and awed by the Course Tutor’s confidence. He was amazing, but how was I ever going to replicate his confidence and expertise? I chose to wait for a bit and do some travelling to South America and Asia before committing to the full CELTA.

I decided to do my CELTA course in October 2011 in Spain. It was close enough to England for my Mum to pop across for a cuppa and it also offered a completely different culture and way of life (not to mention glorious weather!!). Seville is a stunning, vibrant city, full of culture, history and apparently over 3000 tapas bars. I love the Spanish way of life. I enrolled at CLIC which is in the heart of Seville because I was impressed with its reputation and the pre-course information.

The CELTA course was everything I expected and so much more. It was a challenge at every level, and I loved every moment, staying up until 3am rehearsing lessons for the 100th time, and even the knot in my stomach before every class. But working with the students, the feelings of euphoria and the sense of achievement after giving a good class was pure tonic for my tired mind. I knew that I had found my career! The trainers at CLIC were wonderful, supportive, encouraging, full of valuable advice, educational resources and support, I can’t recommend the CELTA at CLIC enough.

After my CELTA I needed a full week of exploring those 3000 tapas bars to fully recover and after pinching myself a number of times, I began to realize that I was a fully qualified TEFL teacher. I could hardly believe it, October in beautiful Seville, walking round an orange tree lined city in a pair of shorts waiting for the next challenge!

Then it was time to hunt for my first job as a teacher. On the course they told us that it is best to go to schools and talk to the Director of Studies face to face. The first school I went to was LINC after an hour ´chat´ with the D.o.S. I had a job, starting the next day.

I spent the year there and I thought my head would burst with all the knowledge I was acquiring. I won´t pretend it was easy. My first half year was tough, hard work but amazing, and ever so rewarding. I was learning my language for the first time. Luckily enough everyone I met was extremely supportive, always offering words of wisdom or little lesson clues or gems in the form of activities!

The original plan was to gain some experience and start travelling, but Seville is too perfect. We´ve just been celebrating Semana Santa, and next week is the Feria. If you love culture, historic buildings, shopping, beautiful weather, and great food and want to experience Spain, then Seville is the place for you.

I’m now lucky enough to be working at CLIC and have had a great year. I qualified to teach Young Learners and can honestly say ´I love my job´. All the staff are so supportive, they genuinely want to share their wisdom with you because there is always something more to learn. So, why are you waiting? Come and join us in this fabulous city. See you around one of the tapas bars!