THE CLOUD School of English is a small but well-equipped school specialized in teaching English as a second language. We were born in July 2012 in Córdoba, southern Spain, with a commitment to quality and a desire for continuous improvement.

Faithful to this commitment to quality, in 2014 we joined ACEIA and FECEI, whose aims are to ensure the quality of the private language teaching and offer the student a guarantee of seriousnesssincerity and professionalism.

Our team

We have a team of 5 bilingual teachers, with experience, an outstanding preparation and interest in teaching English, as well as a great human quality and educational vocation. We carry out a program of annual training meetings and participation in conferences, so we are in constant evolution and improvement of our methodologies.

Our students

Currently we teach children aged 4 and up, teenagers and adults of all levels. We also prepare our students for the Cambridge ESOL Exams. Each group receives two 60 or 90 minute classes a week, either on Monday and Wednesday or Tuesday and Thursday. We start classes at 16:00 and finish at 21:30. On Fridays we have no class, so teachers have free time, except some Fridays, when we have workshops, mock exams or meetings.

Job Information

  • Full time contract for 9 months (mid September to mid June), with 22 contact hours, with the remaining 12 hours for class preparation, grading examinations, student assessment and meetings.
  • Competitive salary over national wage agreements.
  • Full national health coverage and social security.
  • Paid holidays at Christmas (2 weeks), Easter (1 week) and during local and national holidays.


  • Native English speaker competence
  • University degree.
  • CELTA or a similar TEFL qualification.

Preferred but not required:

  • Previous experience teaching
  • Experience in Cambridge exam preparation.