We are a very young English school that opened in 2010 with high expectations. We are located in Valladolid, two hours by car and one hour by train away from Madrid. We are recent members of F.E.C.E.I. (Spanish Federation of Language Learning Centres), and ACLID (Castilla y León Language Association).
In Skyline English Centre, we are determined to put English within everyone’s reach with a different methodology that allows the student to have a great flexibility to attend class, always in-classroom with qualified and experienced teachers. We want to change the concept of “learning English” using traditional methodology with  new technologies and concepts, training and leisure. For children and teenagers, our philosophy is not school help but school success, being, at least, one course ahead. We also want to avoid difficulties that, eventually, teenagers will face when taking European exams, travelling…
For adults, our philosophy is based on flexibility and communication, bearing in mind each student’s needs. For Skyline English Centre, teaching English is based on passing on everything that we know as teachers in a flexible and close way.

We have a library and a video library that our students can use any time to continue learning once they have finished their classes. Each classroom is livened up as an English speaking country. All our classrooms can hold up, at the most, 8 students, so that our classes are not overcrowded.
All our teachers and the rest of the staff are at the students’ disposal for any doubt they may have.



Since children are 6 years old, they can learn English with us beginning for zero level. With two weekly classes, always entertaining to encourage a liking to the language. We have six levels that meet all years fromPrimaria and ESO.

Selectividad is more and more difficult since it is being included in the European frame. That is why, in Skyline English Centre, we have to different courses:
Plan Selectividad: it consists of two weekly theoretical classes focused on the exam using the compulsory syllabus of Bachillerato.
Plan Bolonia: apart from the two weekly classes from Plan Selectividad, this course also includes two weekly conversational classes focus on the speaking part of the new Selectividad.


We have six levels of general English, from Basic to Advanced, in which the student acquires all the necessary skills to get the fluency to have a conversation at a high level. Students can come 3, 4 or 5 weekly hours, having the option to make up classes in a determined period of time.

Official Exams
If what you need is an official certificate, in Skyline English Centre, we prepare you for Cambridge examinations, TOEFL… Our classes, with at least 3 students and at the most 8 students, meet all the required knowledge for each exam. This type of course consists of 3 weekly hours and at least three months.

One to One
This course gives the student the possibility of having a private class with one of our teachers. Highly recommendable for those people to may need to get ready for a job interview, a meeting… There is no doubt these are classes à la carte.

Job Information

We always offer legal contracts to our staff with an annual leave of one month a year( 1 week at Christmas and 3 weeks in summer).

We offer a part-time job with a competitive salary ( there is a possibility of full-time in the future because the increasing volume of students) and full national insurance cover.

Our working environment is very nice and we try to work as a team.




Native English speaker competence required.
Teaching experience with children and adults
Work permit in Spain
Teaching qualification
Wide knowledge of Spanish




We have one vacancy to start in September