The Spain Language Institute has a solid reputation for fair dealing and achievement. The school is a member of the National Federation of Language schools, FECEI.

The school is a standard neighbourhood English Language Academy and, together with its sister school (La Escuela de Idiomas Spain in Puertollano), shares a total of eight teachers (all with full time contracts), two secretaries and a Director.

We have students from as young as 4, continuing all through the age and ability range, up to young adults at First Certificate and Proficiency levels. Classes vary in size depending on age and level, from a maximum of 12 students at the younger levels to 8 and 6 at higher levels.

All teaching takes place on the premises from Monday to Friday between 4pm and 9.30pm. Students have three hours of class per week.

We prepare students for the full range of Cambridge exams.


At the beginning of each school year, all teachers are given a thorough briefing on the classes they will have, with detailed information on the English learning background of each student, previous reports etc. All help and guidance is available throughout the year in a relaxed and happy atmosphere. As there is very little staff turnover from year to year, when there is a need for one or two new teachers at any given time, it is an ideal opportunity for a relatively inexperienced but enthusiastic young teacher to develop valuable skills.


The school employs native speakers of English with a EU passport who have a University degree, TEFL qualification and some prior classroom experience. A knowledge of Spanish is considered essential.