Private language school with over 30 years of experience in Spain.

Description of school:

We are located in Ceuta (Spanish enclave), on the northern coast of Morocco. Our current premises have been in operation since 2007 in a residential area, a walk away from the town centre; although, it is run by a 30-year-experienced British teacher.

At present we have over 300 students, with a maximum of 15 per class, who come 4 hours a week. Being as young as 4 and up to 18 years old, our students usually take the Cambridge Assessment English exams in their teens from Intermediate to Advanced levels. We set up each group following two criteria: age and level of the student. The latter is determined through an oral placement test, with which we guarantee the homogeneity of each group.

Each teacher has their own classroom fully equipped with a whiteboard and projector or smartboard, computer and internet access. Besides, they have access to our own method with lesson plans and teaching resources, apart from flashcards, realia, games, songs, dialogues… as we don’t follow any course book for young learners, only for teenagers.

Our Director of Studies holds a weekly staff meeting as we strongly believe in team work. Besides the teaching hours and the staff meeting, within the contract, teachers have at least 5 and up to 9 hours for lesson planning, decoration of the classroom, correcting written exercises, parents meetings… Moreover, it is appreciated, the attendance of new teachers to pre-course induction sessions. We say this because, when possible, new teachers are welcome to come a couple of weeks in June as training (paying conditions would be discussed); and if it wouldn’t be possible, the working contract would start 20th August getting in contact with our environment and method but without students till the first week of September.

Job Information

We offer a salary according to national pay agreements with two extra-pays (half of a salary each) in December and June; as well as full national health and social security cover.

Currently, contracts are 30h/week contracts consisting of 20/24 teaching hours per week, the remaining contract hours being dedicated to lesson planning, correction of written exercises, meeting parents…for the school year (second half of August – June)

There are two weeks’ paid holiday at Christmas and two weeks for Spring Break, as well as any local and national holiday.


  • Proficient user of English preferred or at least a C1 English level
  • European passport-holder
  • University degree and/or teaching qualification
  • At least 2 years’ experience teaching children
  • Knowledge of Spanish an advantage for the candidate as not many citizens have a good English communicative competence


We will post a job offer when needed.

We will be in Spainwise South Job Fair (Cordoba)