Ross O’Brien

Having done an onlline TEFL course, Ross O’Brien went to the Spainwise TEFL Jobs Fair and walked away with TWO jobs!.

Annie McDougall

Annie McDougall discovered at Spainwise 2012 that her lack of experience wasn’t an obstacle for a career in Spain.

Terry Lodge

Terry Lodge has been teaching English in Seville since 2009

Heather Martin

Heather Martin took up a teaching position at El Centro de Inglés in Andújar in 2010.

Brendan Costello

Brendan Costello got into teaching after finishing his M.A. in European Studies.

Rona Mackenzie

ESL teaching can be for anyone, at any age, as long as your attitude is right, according to Rona Mackenzie.

Kate Newell

Kate Newell arrived in Spain in 1995 and has made teaching English in Seville her career.

James Sampson

James Sampson found that doing the CELTA at CLIC in Seville opened doors for him.

Nicola Tomlinson

Nicola Tomlinson thoroughly enjoyed her nine-month stay in Spain.

Leanne Sanchez

After 14 months teaching in China, Leanne Sanchez moved to Spain, teaching first in Melilla and then in Bailén (Andalucía).

Angela Williams

Angela Williams started her first teaching job in Spain after completing a BA in TESOL and Spanish

Andy Heath

Andy Heath got his first teaching job at the 2009 Spainwise TEFL Job Fair.